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Monday, November 8, 2010


As my previous postings have been largely about what I do not like about South Africa, I am now doing a series of postings about what I do like about my beautiful homeland.  This is the second posting in the series My Favourite Things...
  • The sun shines for an average of 8.5 hours a day.
  • We  have the Great White Shark frolicking along our coastline... Crazy folk come from all over the world to go cage diving with this ugly brute... Give us a kiss Gorgeous...

  •  The Right Southern Whale is also resident along our coastline...

  • In Kimberley we have the biggest man-made hole in the world.

  •  Since our first democratic elections in 1994 thousands of citizens who had never owned a house have received houses like these, with electricity and running water.
  •  the people of South Africa are a very friendly bunch....


  • On average we have 8.5 hours a day SUNSHINE!

These images are courtesy of
SA Tourism
Stefan Jacobs


  1. There is no way I would ever pay to go in the water with a shark! Yikes!! I'd love to whale watch though, never seen one in real life sad to say. And the folks there do look friendly according to your photos. Thanks!

  2. Hi Susan. Thanks for stopping by. I think those great whites are the ugliest creatures on the planet and the thought of encountering one is enough to keep me out of the sea... which, with our gorgeous beaches, is lovely in SA... warm current along Durban coastline and icy cold current along Cape coastline]