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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Even More of my Favourite Things....

There are many, many good things about South Africa.  It is these good things that will ensure that I never succumb to any desire to emigrate.

We have an average of 8.5 hours sunshine daily!

You've heard that Africa is 'wild'?  Well, in South Africa we have modern cities with skyscrapers and shopping malls and world-renowned restaurants.  Below is a picture of the Johannesburg CBD.

We have modern hotels lining the beach in our seaside cities.  Below is Durban beachfront in KwaZulu Natal

We have major contrasts in our landscape with some regions being semi-desert

while others are rain-forests

Apart from our wildlife and wonderful scenery our country is also blessed with great mineral wealth, particularly diamonds, gold and platinum.

In South Africa we have few natural disasters, the worst I can recall in my lifetime being the occasional flood, one small earthquake that caused a bit of damage, and a tornado every now and again.  Loss of life due to natural disasters has been minimal.  The mining operations in our country are far more dangerous and take their toll in human life.

We have golf courses that look like this....

and any sport or outdoor activity under the sun that you could want to participate in.  Hot air balloons are one of the ways to enjoy our wonderful scenery.

Dare I say it again?

We have sunshine for an average of 8.5 hours per day.

Please visit again and find out more good things about my wild and wonderful homeland.



  1. wow - beautiful photos - south africa must be of breath-taking beauty...and i envy you your 8.5 hours sunshine daily...

  2. Hi Claudia. Thanks for the visit. These pics do not do my beautiful country justice... if you google images on the web you will probably get a much better idea of just how beautiful and varied the scenery is... Did you see the pic of the great white?